Cleaning/Treatment of all kinds of Solid - Liquid - Gas, (Industrial, Domestic, Agricultural, etc.) Wastes

We eliminate many environmental catastrophes and clean the pollution and wastes biologically/naturally with our Basalia application processes.

We produce solutions to wastes in the form of "Solid - Liquid - Gas" with our flexible application processes in accordance with the waste content and output expectancy which we describe some of them below. We dispose the waste completely.

  • Polluted Lakes
  • Contaminated Streams
  • Industrial Waste (excluding iron and glass)
  • Flue Gases
  • Petrochemical waste
  • Mining waste
  • Pharmaceutical waste
  • Animal Waste
  • Polluted zones with chemicals
  • Factory wastes
  • Waste Treatment Plants
  • Liquid and solid waste such as sewage sludge
We can clean/treat wastes it in the form of a "SERVICE offering".

We can evaluate the valuable elements and clean ENERGY (gas - bio fuel oil) inside our BIOMASS, which are produced as a result of our cleaning / disposal process, together with the waste owner .

Economic evaluation of biomass will be decided together with the waste owner in preliminary studies to be carried out before the project.