Waste Cleaning/Treatment and Separation into Precious Elements

We can apply natural and economic output processes especially in the mining industry to decompose / produce valuable elements with Basalia and our processes.

Furthermore; when disposing of mine waste, petro-chemical and other chemical-toxic wastes; with the BASALIA biopolymer biomass that we obtained after the cleaning operation, we produce valuable elements from wastes with a natural and economic decomposition method.

While creating our process for wastes with a high precious element output, we can make flexible applications according to the output expectation of the waste owner institution, the use of the outputs in the market (state regulations related to the relevant markets).

During the creation phase of the project, we can establish appropriate processes with our ”win-win“ vision and flexible for business models through negotiations with the waste owner institution.

In this area of ​​activity, if the request of the project (waste) owner and the regulations of the relevant country permit, we can obtain Clean Energy Production besides the precious elements that we will obtain while solving the waste problem (when disposing of). We can sell the clean energy to the energy system of the country and also it can be used in the internal consumption of the project owner.

In summary; in this field of activity;

Input / Raw Material:

  • Mining or mine waste
  • Petro-chemical wastes, toxic wastes, etc.
  • In short, we can use any type of WASTE and RAW MATERIALS with valuable element output.

Outputs / Products:

  • Precious Elements
  • Usable Water
  • Clean FUEL (ENERGY): Fuel, Petrol, Jet Fuel and Gas

Project Creation Process:

  • Pre-interview with waste holder (problem diagnosis and output expectation)
  • Waste field inspection, diagnostics and analysis
  • Preliminary process presentation (macro)
  • Financial issues, Business Model and Contract
  • Project development and final project planning
  • Project approval and approval processes
  • Project investment phase
  • Activity - Operation process