Soil Cleaning

Basalia micro-organism and bacteria community produces ABSOLUTE solution to the following problems in agricultural lands with our ORGANIC SOIL REGULATOR, which we produce during our application processes to the problematic soil or our organic waste treatment projects.

As a result of our "Organic Soil Regulatory" practices, we are transforming agricultural activities into clean, healthy, sustainable and productive, profitable and water-saving lands.

a- Agricultural lands with pesticide and heavy metal problems
Basalia is based on the principle of nature's own method of waste treatment, "fragmentation - transformation". The BASALIA microorganism community, inspired by this system of nature, incorporates the pesticides and heavy metals from the soil.

b- Agricultural lands with lack of organic substance and minerals
Various organic and / or inorganic wastes are fermented with a particular formulation to increase the viability of the microorganism in the soil and eventually to bring the organic substances between 45-50%. Thus, the soil is cleaned and becomes organically rich which enables sustainable organic agriculture.

c- Agricultural lands with Ph and Salinity Problems
In order to ensure life in the soil, pH needs to be neutralized and salinity must be eliminated. For this purpose, in order to reduce the pH in problematic soils with high pH, ​​shearle (Industrial Waste Process Sludge) is added to the BASALIA soil conditioner.

In the same way, in order to neutralize the pH in soils with low pH, the soil regulator is added to the soil regulator, cbs (Filter Press Post Sugar Factory Mud). Thus, the pH and salinity problem in the soil is eliminated.

d- Agricultural lands with water holding capacity problems
The aim is to keep the humidity of the plant roots for a long time, to avoid the cost of irrigation and to prevent the increase in the salinity in the soil caused by over-irrigation.

BASALIA has an outstanding water holding capacity due to its gelling structure. With this feature, it can play a role in gaining the fertile agricultural lands characteristics for arid lands and even deserts. In this respect, the "hydro-gel" structure, which can be formed in synthetic environments, is organically formed. According to the findings obtained from the field studies, the BASALIA EARTH REGULATOR has a water holding capacity of 200 times its volume.

e- Agricultural Lands with General Soil Pollution Problem

With our products and processes, we can provide flexible solutions to all types of soil impurities. Solution recipes can be produced after conducting the field studies and diagnostics.


  • Increase in arable agricultural lands (including barren lands)
  • The organic structure of the soil is strengthened
  • Toprağın SU TUTMA KAPASİTESİ çok artar (200 times)
  • Watering need is reduced, irrigation range is reduced
  • Underground water is cleared
  • Yield increases in agricultural products (100-200%)
  • Quality of agricultural products increases
  • Microbiological viability in soil increases
  • No chemical or organic fertilizer is needed
  • Contributes to the reduction of environmental pollution as soil formation without chemical components will be ensured
  • Great contribution to human and animal health
  • Chemical drug consumption of humans and animals is reduced
  • Increases the income of the agricultural sector and increase the competitiveness
  • Effectively contributes to ecological environment formation