Waste Cleaning/Treatment and CLEAN ENERGY PRODUCTION

With our BASALIA application processes, we produce definite solutions for all kinds of liquid - solid - gas (industrial - domestic - agricultural etc.) waste problems through flexible projects (waste treatment), as well as in accordance to the needs of project owner in a natural sustainable cycle we create high ECONOMIC value output processes.

With our Basalia processes, we use these wastes in the form of liquid-solid-gas that damage the environment as raw materials while treating them, and we convert our BIOMASS formed after the cleaning process into our CLEAN FUEL / GAS products in our PROLYSIS unit. In summary, in this field of activity, WE ARE PRODUCING ENERGY FROM BIOMASS.

With our Basalia Application Processes, we produce ZERO WASTE and ZERO EMISSION solutions with high ecenomic value outputs with the following wastes.

According to the outputs expected from wastes and process, in general, our inputs / raw materials and outputs / products are as follows;


  • Domestic waste, garbage
  • Polluted Lakes
  • Contaminated Streams
  • Industrial waste
  • Flue Gases
  • Petro-chemical wastes
  • Mining waste
  • Pharmaceutical waste
  • Animal Wastes
  • Areas contaminated with chemicals
  • Factory wastes
  • Wastes of Treatment Plants
  • Liquid and solid waste such as sewage sludge


  • Usable Water
  • Clean Fuel (Energy): Diesel, Petrol, Jet Fuel, GAS
  • Carbon Black
  • Precious Elements
  • Soil Regulator

Project Creation Process

  • Pre-interview with waste holder (problem diagnosis and output expectation)
  • Waste field inspection, diagnostics and analysis
  • Preliminary process presentation (macro)
  • Financial issues, Business Model and Contract
  • Project development and final project planning
  • Project approval and approval processes
  • Project investment phase
  • Activity - Operation process