• We can make the city's ı "Soil - Water - Air" clean and sustainable; by eliminating the industrial, domestic, agricultural etc. organic and inorganic wastes of a city's in "liquid-solid-gas" forms with our BASALIA processes.
  • With our integrated BASALIA processes; on the one hand (i) we provide "Clean Soil, Clean Air and Zero Waste" and on the other hand (ii) we do all these processes with sustainable and self-financing economic cycles. To summarize, we offer an ecological - green life to the city while cleaning up all solid-liquid-gas wastes and at the same time offering high added value economic outputs and products that will increase the prosperity and quality of life of the city. We are committed to offer A GREEN CITY with improved quality of life, free from all chemicals and toxic wastes with our Basalia processes.
  • We are transforming the WASTES of a city into the PROSPERITY and WELFARE with our integrated Basalia Processes.